Unmatched Durability

Boasting a fully engineered fiberglass composite design, the NovaDome is unlike any other dome shelter on the market. The unmatched durability of NovaDome shelters allows them to perform year-round in any weather and last up to 50 years with minimal maintenance.

Dependable ROI

The exclusive, unique experience and high quality nature of our Domes will put your “return of investment” worries to ease. Once you invest in our NovaDome shelters, you can be confident that they will keep giving back for decades to come.

Sustainable Design

From initial production all the way to installation, we have designed our NovaDomes to have as little impact on the environment as possible. You can sleep soundly knowing that you’re purchasing an eco-friendly product that boasts a near net-zero carbon footprint.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Every NovaDome comes with our exclusive 15-year warranty. This industry-leading warranty can be registered after purchase and will cover any manufacturer defects with the fiberglass paneling or installation hardware.

Highly Customizable

With over 40 exterior colors to choose from and hundreds of different interior configurations, the possibilities are endless with a NovaDome. From luxury accommodation pods to concession stands, we encourage our customers to get creative!

DIY Assembly

NovaDome shelters are designed for a quick and straightforward DIY installation. Using only basic hand tool and ladders, each NovaDome comes with a step-by-step instruction manual and can be constructed in a matter of hours with only 3-4 people.

why us?

You're probably wondering: "why purchase a NovaDome"?
It's a great question. We'll let the table below speak for itself.


Fiberglass Domes
  • Product Support
  • Dependable ROI
  • Fully Engineered
  • Easy DIY Assembly
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Rapid Installation
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Year-Round Operation
  • Up to 50 Year Lifespan
  • Portable or Permanent
  • Rated for 180mph+ Winds
  • Extreme Weather Resistance
  • Can Withstand 30' Snow Loads

Other Shelters

Fabric & wood
  • No Support
  • Fluctuating ROI
  • No Engineering
  • Complex Assembly
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Tedious Installation
  • High Maintenance
  • 3-Season Use
  • 5-10 Year Lifespan
  • Permanent Only
  • Rated for 120mph Winds
  • Light Weather Rated
  • Can Withstand 5' Snow Loads
Industry Leading 15-Year Warranty
Over 30 Colors To Choose From
Our Products Last Up To 50+ Years

Build Your Interior.

Think of our interiors as a blank canvas. Whether you’re creating luxury accommodation pods on the side of a mountain or fitting out concession booths for a theme park, our NovaDome shelters are easy to work with and offer unlimited possibilities. So go ahead. Get creative!

Colors. Lots Of Colors.

Looking to spice up your NovaDome with a different color other than our standard white? We have over 10 fresh colors for you to choose from! Even we have a hard time picking our favorite…

Year-Round, Any Weather.

With the ability to withstand 30’+ snow loads and winds over 180mph, our NovaDome shelters are made with high-tech fiberglass composite panels that are weather-tight to keep you safe and sound in any environment. Oh, and they require next to no maintenance.