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Welcome to the home of the world’s unique, affordable, and long-lasting dome shelter that pushes the limits of innovation. Headquartered in Alberta, Canada, we design, build, supply, and ship our shelters worldwide, giving everyone access to the exclusive NovaDome experience. The NovaDome shelter design has actually been around for decades. The challenge was that very few people knew about it, which is exactly what we are looking to change. With fresh branding, an innovative approach and product design improvements, we have set out to provide affordable, durable, secure, and eco-friendly shelters that can be used in dozens of applications around the globe.
The dome design we utilize was designed for military use over 40 years ago and was developed in the United States. The unique shape and fiberglass construction of our NovaDomes make them a one-of-a-kind shelter solution that is long-lasting, eco-friendly, versatile, portable, easily assembled, low maintenance, and virtually indestructible. We offer a full turnkey dome shelter experience that gives our customers the ability to build custom interiors and exterior panels. From rapidly deployable disaster relief shelters, to fully customized luxury glamping domes, NovaDome shelters have unlimited potential with hundreds of applications. Pair that with the ability to be constructed anywhere in the world, we believe that our NovaDomes have the potential to change the way the world approaches portable shelter solutions. Forever.

our mission.

Giving customers the ultimate experience by delivering affordable, high-quality, and portable shelters that ensure lasting security and peace of mind through top-tier, premium materials.

our vision.

To lead globally in crafting innovative shelter solutions through strategic partnerships and premium materials, guaranteeing lasting security, peace of mind, and effortless accessibility for an enhanced standard of accommodations.

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Do what you say | Be different | Always adapt | Never stop improving