Create an experience that 
is unique.
requires minimal maintenance.
will maximize your ROI.
will last up to 50+ years.
will amaze your guests.

Taking the great outdoors and combining it with luxury living.

Tougher Than An Early 2000’s Nokia Cell Phone.

We all remember the indestructible Nokia 3310 cell phone that was released in the year 2000. Those phones were so resilient that when they got dropped, everyone had to make sure the ground was okay. So we took inspiration from that. We wanted our NovaDomes to be the “Nokia 3310” of shelters. We think that we got pretty darn close. Made from a specialized fiberglass composite, our NovaDomes are rated to withstand 30’+ snow loads and over 180 mph winds. Oh, and expect them to last 50+ years too. Crazy right? We think Nokia would be proud.

An Interior With a Little More….You.

We get it. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to interior design. That’s why we offer customizable interior modules, so your glamping experience is like you dreamed it up to be. From floor layouts to faucet colors, to wood finishes, we work with you throughout the entire interior design process to get it just the way you like it. And hey, if you’re not into interior design, that’s cool. Our team can come up with some pretty awesome layouts too. Just ask!

We Love Nature. And We Want It To Love Us Back.

Go ahead and close your eyes. Now picture your dream glamping location. Where are you? The mountains? On a lake? In the middle of the forest? Beside the ocean? Nature makes glamping possible. And we want to make sure that we keep nature happy. That’s why our NovaDomes feature an eco-friendly design and a near net-zero carbon footprint. We made sure that you can construct a NovaDome without disturbing the environment around you. Because if the environment is happy, we’re happy.

Immerse Yourself In Nature.

It goes without saying that the most marvelous moments in life are brought to us by mother nature herself. From solar eclipses to meteor showers, to the Northern lights, our NovaDome glamping shelters allow you to explore the corners of the earth while bringing a little piece of home with you. Like the dome in the photo? Check out our new fully insulated Astro Series Glamping Dome here!

Year-Round, All-Weather Glamping.

No matter what your favourite season is, we made sure our NovaDome’s are ready for any weather. Picturing yourself all cozied up with some hot chocolate, stargazing on a chilly winter night? Or maybe you’re imagining laying on your bed with a book in your hand sipping an ice-cold drink on a hot summer afternoon? We think both sound amazing. Keeping you cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter, a NovaDome is the perfect shelter solution to bring your glamping dreams to life.

interiors with unlimited potential.

When it comes to the interior of your new glamping dome, the possibilities are endless. If interior design is your thing, our NovaDomes provide up to 315 square feet of interior space for you to release your creative side. We love when our customers create something unique. Or, if you want to save some time, you can let us do the heavy lifting by purchasing one of our plug-and-play interior glamping modules. From full bathrooms, to mini bars, to kitchenettes, our team can help make your dream glamping project a reality.


When you’re glamping in a NovaDome, you’ll never have to worry if the weather decides to take a turn for the worst. Unlike the other glamping domes on the market that use a framed fabric exterior, we use specialized fiberglass composite panels that allow our NovaDomes to last up to 50+ years. Yes, you read that right. 50+ years. Our virtually indestructible exteriors are rated to withstand 30’+ snow loads and over 180 mph winds keeping you safe and secure no matter what mother nature throws your way. Trust us. These are tough little guys. With the ability to hook up fresh water, septic, and power, you can chill out and sip on a hot drink while you wait out the bad weather. In the famous words of Elsa from the movie Frozen: “Let the storm rage on!”


With NovaDome, you can experience the harshness and beauty of mother nature while minimizing your environmental impact. Our production processes are both low waste and low pollution, and our NovaDomes themselves require no ground disturbance to set up. Throw in their reusability and net-zero carbon footprint, and you have any eco-friendly glamper’s dream!


While motorhomes are the trailblazers of glamping, we recognize that there’s simply nothing quite like stargazing from a tent. NovaDome allows you the comfort and warmth of a trailer while soaking in every inch of the stunning view. By adding a few of our cozy glamping pods to your accommodation, you’ll be sure to add-on to your investment – ensuring a full return down the line.

NovaDome in Motion.