Create a secure and safe location for 
military personnel.
specialized equipment.
mobile command centers.
general supplies.
medical stations.
office spaces.
sleeping quarters.

Blending ultimate functionality with extreme durability.


Okay, so our NovaDome shelters aren’t actually rated to stop bullets (we're working on that). However, they are super tough. How tough, you ask? Well, they can withstand category 5 hurricane winds, 30’ snow loads and last over 50 years. So yeah. They’re tough. Whether you are looking for personnel housing, medical pods, or storage units, NovaDome has got you covered with shelters that will stand the test of time. Oh and don’t forget that you can move and reuse them as many times as you’d like!


Is what people ask with a shocked look on their face when we tell them some of the remote places that NovaDome shelters have been built. They can pretty much be built anywhere. Put them at your base camp, on the side of a mountain, or on a remote site in the middle of nowhere. We can fit out a NovaDome to adapt to virtually any environment. They can even be helicoptered into places not accessible by truck. Trust us when we say that we had Military applications in mind when we designed these things.


We realize that speed and efficiency is vital. Which is why we have designed each NovaDome to be constructed quickly so you can start harnessing the benefits as soon as possible. And when we say quickly we mean it. A NovaDome can be built in just a matter of hours with less than 5 people, a drill and a couple of step ladders. Our high-tech fiberglass panels easily bolt together saving you precious time. We should also add that our interior packages are also modular making it simple to fit out a NovaDome with an interior that meets your specific needs.


From military medical pods, to secure storage units, to fully furnished personnel housing, our NovaDome shelters can do it all. Their durable dome design gives you an open and spacious interior that can be built out as basic or elaborate as you’d like. We can even supply fully custom modular kits that allow you to add the interior elements that you need for your specific application. You want it, we build it. Or, you know, you can always just order a NovaDome exterior shell and build out the dome yourself. We’re cool with that too!


We don’t like things that are high maintenance. We dislike them so much, in fact, that we designed our NovaDome shelters to be virtually maintenance free. Unlike any other shelter on the market, our exterior panels are made from high-tech aerospace composite material that resist contaminants and are easy to clean. So easy in fact, that all you will need to keep the exterior looking like new would be a pressure washer. Seriously, it’s that simple. Not only can our panels be easily cleaned with just water, we’ve designed them to withstand abusive environments and extreme weather conditions without the need for repairs. Trust us when we say that the NovaDome can take a hit.


Our interiors are equipped with everything required for secure and practical use. Whether you’re needing a durable and secure shelter for basic storage applications or looking to build out fully equipped personnel housing pods with water and electrical, each NovaDome interior can be custom designed to accommodate your specific requirements. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire design process to create one-of-a-kind environments that can serve both security and tactical purposes. Oh, and did we mention that you can attach our NovaDome shelters together to create multi-room facilities? It’s safe to say that we take versatility seriously.


When it comes to exteriors, NovaDome shelters don’t mess around. Made from high-tech fiberglass composite, our domes are made to last up to 50+ years and carry a hefty 20-year warranty which covers any manufacturer defects. Even in extreme weather conditions and abusive environments, a NovaDome will hold its own and require little to no maintenance. Sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? We can assure you that it is in fact both “good” and “true”. There is no catch. We also should mention that we have over 40 exterior colors available. We do realize that 40+ color options may be a little overkill. But having this many color choices brings a whole new level of customization of your NovaDome, so you can blend it in with your surroundings. And before you ask, yes, camouflage green is available as an exterior color. Just ask!


Being able to adapt to any situation was crucial when designing the NovaDome. Our unique design allows each dome to function as a permanent or temporary shelter. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, NovaDome shelters can be placed on permanent foundations (such as a concrete pad) and last up to 50 years. To put it simply, they are always up to the task. On the other side of that coin, NovaDome shelters can also be constructed in a way where they are easy to move if you are looking to go mobile. Since they can be dismantled in a matter of hours, you can take a NovaDome apart and neatly stack it in a crate for compact transportation. Or don’t dismantle it at all. That’s cool too. Our fiberglass exterior shell will hold its own if you decide to pick up a fully-built NovaDome and move it to a new location. So don’t be scared! They can take it.


We’ll be the first to admit that we are a little OCD when it comes to organization and efficiency. We like when things can pack neatly, set up quickly, and be moved easily. And we’re assuming you can see where we are going with this. Each NovaDome is neatly packed and shipped in a crate containing everything you need for a quick assembly. Whether you have ordered a basic storage dome or fully fitted personnel housing pods, we ship modular plug-and-play kits that are quick and easy to construct even if you have little experience. It’s pretty much like lego for adults.