Housing pods that are 
low maintenance.

Uniquely designed for low maintenance and long-lasting operation.

Cut Down On The Upkeep

You can go ahead and let our domes do the hard work when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. We have designed our high-tech fiberglass composite panels to repel outdoor elements and debris so cleaning is quick and easy. And when we say easy, we mean it. A garden hose or pressure washer equipped with a wide-angle nozzle is all you need to keep the exterior clean! Pair that with the ability to last up to 50 years, and you have yourself a perfect, low-maintenance shelter for homeless communities anywhere in the world.

A Home-Like Interior

We think everyone should be able to go to a place that feels like home. That’s why we have made it possible to fully customize the interior of each NovaDome to fit community needs. Customize everything from wall and room positioning, to counter and floor finishes. Oh, and we also should mention that each shelter can be equipped with full HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems so tenants can be comfortable year round. So whether you’re looking for housing pods, bathroom shelters, or indoor laundry spaces (or maybe even all three), NovaDome has everything needed for a fully functioning dome community.

Quick Construction + Portability

No matter where homeless community shelters are needed, NovaDome pods can get there. Need to shelter the homeless in the middle of the city? No problem. What about in isolated communities in the middle of nowhere? Yep, we can get them there too. Actually, fully-built NovaDomes can even be air-lifted into remote locations with ease. Pretty neat, right? Combining their portability with their extremely quick construction times, NovaDome shelters are the perfect solution for keeping homeless community members safe and comfortable.

Create a Mobile Community.

The NovaDome’s small mobile design is the perfect solution for communities that need to fit within a small land mass. Shelters can be placed close together with minimal ground disturbance and even be attached to one another to create multi-room spaces. Each NovaDome can be customized to include all necessary amenities including laundry, showers, bathrooms, full kitchens, and heating/cooling systems. To put it plainly, they can do it all!

Comfortable, Year-Round Housing.

Designed to withstand 30’+ snow loads and over 180mph winds, we can say with confidence that NovaDomes are ready for whatever mother nature throws their way. Occupants can sleep easy knowing that our high-tech fiberglass composite panels are watertight and made to last up to 50 years even in environments with harsh or extreme weather. Each shelter can be equipped with insulation packages, air conditioning units, and heating systems to ensure a pleasant interior environment during all seasons.

Custom & Convenient Interiors.

NovaDome provides clearspan interiors that require no support beams to allow maximum usable space inside. Walls, plumbing, electrical and HVAC locations can be customized based on the functionality of each shelter. Want more than one entrance or maybe a few more windows in your NovaDome? No problem. They can be added with ease. With NovaDome, you can create ideal storage and housing pods for homeless communities anywhere in the world.

An Exterior That Lasts For Decades.

NovaDome’s exterior panels are made from a high-tech aerospace composite material and are designed to last for up to 50 years. Virtually indestructible, each NovaDome can handle 30’+ snow loads and over 180mph winds ensuring that occupants will be safe and sound regardless of the weather or the season. Not only are they tough, they can also be customized to match their surroundings with over 40 exterior panel colors to choose from. So whether your looking for a temporary or a more permanent shelter for members of homeless communities, NovaDome has an eco-friendly and extremely durable solution unlike any other.

Portability When You Need It.

NovaDome’s are designed to perform as temporary or permanent shelters. Each shelter can be moved with ease from location to location whether you want to disassemble them first or keep them fully constructed. Since there is little to no ground disturbance required during installation, NovaDome’s can be efficiently picked up and transported by truck, train, or air. On the flip side, if you’re looking for a more permanent structure, NovaDome shelters can last up to 50 years and never skip a beat.

Relief For Homeless & The Environment.

Not only are NovaDome’s the perfect shelter solution for homeless housing, they are also easy on our planet featuring a near net-zero carbon footprint. Made from sustainable and non-toxic materials, NovaDome pods are an eco-friendly shelter solution that can pave the way to a better, brighter future for homeless communities.