Welcome to the future of dome shelters.

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9 factory-insulated fiberglass panels.

Made up of 9 insulated fiberglass panels (8 side panels and 1 top cap panel), the Astro Series takes the term “dome shelter” to a level you’ve never seen before. Not only do you get the extreme durability that our domes are known for, but you also get a quicker and easier set up along with a factory-installed insulation kit. Remember back in your childhood when your friends used to ask you what superpowers you would have if you were a superhero? Well, we took inspiration from those golden memories and created a superdome with all the greatest “superpowers” combined into one product. Trust us. The Astro Series won’t let you down. (Psst! You can hover or click on the dome image to see the panels!)

2.4" polyurethane insulation.

Looking for a dome that will keep you cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter? Look no further. The Astro Series is ready for any environment with its one-of-a-kind, factory-equipped 2.4″ polyurethane insulation kit. Let’s take a quick walk through the layers, shall we? Starting on the outside, you’re getting our extremely durable fiberglass reinforced plastic paneling that will face the weather elements head on. This layer is responsible for our dome’s unbeatable longevity and the ability to last over 40 years with minimal maintenance. Taking a peek behind the outside FRP panel, you’ll find the first of two polyurethane layers. These poly layers are doing all the heavy lifting, whether you’re keeping the cold out in the arctic or maintaining a cool interior in the desert. And it doesn’t stop there. Sandwiched between the polyurethane layers is a reflecting film that helps further increase the dome’s heating and cooling efficiency. And to top it all off, you get a nice, smooth finished FRP layer on the inside. If you haven’t noticed, we take insulation seriously around here. Let’s be real. We’re based in Canada. We kinda have to. It’s freaking cold up here.
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20 foot diameter

rated for 30' snow loads

15-year warranty

12' interior height

the competition just can't keep up.

310 ft² of interior space

rated for 130 mph winds

Class 2 Fire Rating

fully engineered


add-on: french window.

Measuring in at 5′ wide by 7′ tall, our French window is an easy way to add some sunlight and epic views to your Astro Series NovaDome. And hey, if you want to add more than one, go for it! This beautiful window add-on comes standard with double pane glass and a durable steel frame for long-lasting operation and increased efficiency. Who wouldn’t want to get out of bed, pour a hot cup of fresh coffee and watch the sunrise through a magnificent window like this? Sounds dreamy.

Add-on: horizon windows

And you thought the French window was cool. Our unique Astro Series Horizon windows provide such incredible views that you may never want to leave the dome again. The curved, double pane glass panels follow the natural shape of the dome, which not only gives you the coolest looking dome shelter on the market, but also a viewing experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Available in two configurations, whether you’re looking for the ultimate stargazing experience or on a hill overlooking the ocean, our Horizon windows will not disappoint. They are almost TOO epic. can add extensions?

2m extension.

4m extension.

Yep, you read that right. You can extend our Astro Series dome in 2 meter increments for an additional 130 square feet per extension. How awesome is that? And the best part is, you can add as many extensions as you’d like. Sure, it’s technically not a dome shape anymore, but if you wanted to create a 106-meter long Astro Series structure with a total square footage of over 6,800, you could. No one has done that yet. But we’re secretly hoping someone does. It would be ridiculous. And we love ridiculous. Just look at how many things you can add to our Astro Series dome! It’s ridiculous.

or...just join them together.

Is the extension not your style? Or maybe you just really like the dome shape. Either way, it’s all good! We have something that you’ll like. Using a blank door panel and one of our connection kits, you can join Astro Series domes together to make fully enclosed multi-room shelters. And yes, you can join as many as you want together.

the astro series: irl.

While renders are impressive, we thought you’d like to witness the Astro Series in action, out in its natural habitat.

a nice, smooth interior.

So, you’re probably wondering what the Astro Series interior looks like. Well, it’s smooth. Really smooth. The interior layer of our panels is fiberglass with a clear, gel coat finish. This finish can be lightly sanded and painted if desired, or you can just leave it be. Both options look great. “But what about the panel joins?” Great question! We’re glad you asked. You can easily hide the panel connection lines with some color-matched sealant (provided with your dome) or you can putty and paint them to achieve that true seamless look. As for the bolt holes, we provide plastic cap covers with your dome that will help them blend in. Or, you can putty and paint them too! Because no one wants to look at those. Gross.

long-lasting, all-season performance.

It’s no secret that there are a lot of companies out there that sell domes. However, nearly all of them are made with fabric and have identical designs. We’ve done things different and have set out to solve all the issues that come with other types of shelters. For example, you’ll never have to worry about replacing your fabric canvas every 5 years or the exterior of your dome becoming brittle. The Astro Series fiberglass exterior is designed to deliver a true, 4-season insulated shelter that will last over 40 years with minimal maintenance. Talk about maximizing your return on investment! Not only that, the Astro Series is fully engineered and can withstand over 130mph winds and 30′ snow loads. To top it all off, instead of offering a 5-year warranty like other dome manufacturers, your Astro Series will be equipped with our industry-leading 15-year warranty. It really is the future of dome shelters.

it's easy to build. like, really easy...

So easy in fact that we decided to put one up in less than 4 hours and film the process for you. No equipment or special tools needed. Just a few buddies and a free afternoon.

pick a color. any color.