20' series.

Our classic 20' fiberglass dome shelter.

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21 durable fiberglass panels.

Crafted from a meticulous arrangement of 21 cutting-edge fiberglass composite panels, the timeless 20′ Series stands poised for any challenge that comes its way. Not only do you get the extreme durability that our domes are known for, but you also get a quick and easy set up no matter where you decide to put it. From disaster relief shelters, to glamping pods, to emergency housing facilities, the 20′ Series is one of the most diverse and durable dome shelters on the market. With each individual panel weighing an average of only 35 pounds, you can go ahead and put this in places where no other shelter would dare to go. (Psst! You can hover or click on the dome image to expand the panels!)

portable or permanent and lightweight.

Looking for a dome that can chill in one spot for 30+ years without breaking a sweat? Or maybe you need a shelter that’s cool with moving around without taking a beating? Well, look no further— the 20′ Series is totally down for whatever you throw at it. Striking the perfect balance between durability and versatility, the 20′ Series is engineered to withstand the test of time, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a long-term shelter that’s going to keep on giving for decades. Despite its durable build, this dome shelter is surprisingly easy to transport and set up. The innovative design of the 20′ Series ensures peace of mind in any environment, from harsh weather conditions to rugged terrain. It truly is the jack of all trades.

20 foot diameter

rated for 30' snow loads

15-year warranty

12' interior height

the competition just can't keep up.

315 ft² of interior space

rated for 180 mph winds

Class 2 Fire Rating

fully engineered


add-on: stargazing panels.

Want your 20′ Series to stand out even more while unlocking some epic views? Well, you’re going to love our clear Stargazing Panels. Don’t worry, they aren’t made of glass. Their polycarbonate design makes them just as tough as our regular fiberglass panels. “Okay, well, how many can I add”? We’re glad you asked. You can add as many as you would like. Only looking for one? No problem. Want the entire top of your dome a fully transparent? Sounds legendary. Let’s do it.
So, whether you’re setting up a brand-new Glamping site or just want a getaway dome nestled in the backyard, our Stargazing Panels will not disappoint. 

sometimes two is better than one.

Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift said it best: sometimes Two Is Better Than One! If you’re not familiar with the top music hits from 2009, you can just ignore that reference and focus on the awesomeness of being able to join 20′ Series NovaDomes together. Using a blank door panel and one of our connection kits, you can create fully enclosed, multi-room shelters. And yes, you can join as many together as you’d like.

the 20' series: irl.

Renders are cool and all, but we figured you might want to see the 20′ Series out and about in the wild.

add-on: 1/2" insulating liner.

If you’re looking to make your 20′ Series a little more cozy and efficient, our 1/2″ insulating liner kit add-on may fit the bill. Made from EPS foam, this light duty 0.5″ thick kit is a great way to boost your 20′ Series’ R value by helping keep the cool air in during the summer months and warm air in during the winter months. The R value offered by the 1/2″ insulation kit is approximately R-8. Seeking a thicker insulation option for more extreme climates? Then you’re really going to want to check out our factory-insulated Astro Series.

long-lasting, all-season performance.

It’s no secret that there are a lot of companies out there that sell domes. However, nearly all of them are either made with fabric or cost a fortune to obtain. We’ve done things different and have set out to solve all the issues that come with other types of shelters. For example, you’ll never have to worry about replacing your fabric canvas every 5 years or the exterior of your dome becoming brittle. The 20′ Series fiberglass exterior is designed to deliver an affordable and durable shelter that will last over 30 years with minimal maintenance. Talk about maximizing your return on investment! Not only that, the 20′ Series is fully engineered and can withstand over 130mph winds and 30′ snow loads. To top it all off, instead of offering a 5-year warranty like other dome manufacturers, your 20′ Series will be equipped with our industry-leading 15-year prorated warranty. It just doesn’t get better than this.

constructed in just hours. yes, hours...

If you’re someone who likes to save time and money (who doesn’t these days), then you’ll love the 20′ Series NovaDome. Using basic hand tools and ladders, you and 4 friends can construct one in an afternoon. No experience (or lift equipment) required. Although, if you do have access to a tractor, boom lift, or telehandler, you can install the 20′ Series even faster. Your ladders won’t be offended.

pick a color. any color.