Weather the storm.

Relief and safety from 
heavy rainfall.
earthquakes .
hurricanes .
extreme weather.
natural disasters.

Reliable and long-lasting shelters for times when you need them most.


When disaster strikes, the last thing you want to be worried about is repairing your relief shelters. We get that. That’s why every NovaDome exterior panel is made from specialized fiberglass composite that is extremely durable, watertight, and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Trust us. They are tough little guys. So no matter what mother nature throws your way, you can be assured that residents and storage items will be safe and sound inside our NovaDomes.


We wanted to make a shelter that was versatile when it came to usage and application. And that’s exactly what we did. NovaDome interiors are designed to be fully and easily customizable in order to fit your specific disaster relief needs. The open space inside is perfect for quick and secure storage or accommodations for families that need a place to stay after a natural disaster. Multiple rooms can be constructed with little effort and essential services such as plumbing and heating can be installed quickly. So don’t worry. We got you covered.


In almost all cases, time is of the essence after a natural disaster occurs. Reliable shelters need to be provided quickly and efficiently. That’s where we come in. NovaDomes are designed to be extremely portable and constructed in a matter of hours. Not only can they be constructed quickly, but they can be placed on virtually any surface making them incredibly versatile out in the field. Want to move your NovaDomes to another location? No problem. They can be picked up and transported to new locations with ease. You can even pick them up with a helicopter and air lift them into remote areas. Cool, right?

being kind even when nature isn't.

Sometimes, mother nature can throw some pretty nasty weather our way. And sometimes, that weather can have catastrophic effects destroying homes, businesses, and valuable possessions. And even though we see the worst side of nature during these unfortunate events, we are still committed to showing nature the good side of us. While being some of the most durable shelters on the market, we also take pride in our eco-friendly design which boasts a near net-zero carbon footprint. From manufacturing to the installation process, we have had the environment in mind the entire time. We think that caring for our planet is more important than ever and have gone the extra mile to make sure you can feel good about your shelters footprint.
Windward duo

a relief shelter with minimal maintenance.

When disaster strikes, you don’t want to be worried about having to do maintenance on your relief shelters. That seems a little counterproductive to us. So don’t worry. We’ve got you. With virtually indestructible fiberglass panels that are easy to clean, our NovaDomes require little to no maintenance after they are constructed. We’ve designed the exterior to be able to withstand very abusive environments without needing to be repaired. In fact, a NovaDome will usually give you decades of reliable use and require very little upkeep in return. They are the gift that keeps on giving. So if you need to place them in harsh environments, we say “go for it!”.


Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, our NovaDomes are made with specialized fiberglass composite panels that stand the test of time. And when we say “stand the test of time” we’re talking up to 50+ years. Yep, you read that right. 50. When disaster strikes, you can count on our NovaDomes to keep local residents and any valuable storage items safe from the elements. And if you’re feeling colorful, we have over 40 exterior panel colors to choose from. Yes, we know it’s a lot of choices. But we also realize that not everyone just wants a standard white dome. Our durable exteriors offer weather-tight performance and very quick setup times making them a perfect shelter solution for any disaster relief need. Mother nature doesn’t mess around, and neither do we.


With a fully customizable interior, our NovaDomes can create space for what you need to protect the most. Our interiors are perfect for all disaster relief applications whether it’s temporary housing or secure storage shelters. You even have the ability to join two or more NovaDomes together and make multi-room facilities. Pretty neat, right? But we’re not done yet. Everything you need for temporary housing can be integrated into your NovaDome setup. Heating and air conditioning can be easily installed to maintain that perfect interior temperature. Full bathrooms, sinks, dishwashers, washers, and dryers can also be equipped inside the dome with full plumbing for fresh, grey and black water. You can also add additional windows and doors to your shelter. To sum it all up, we have your back in the midst of natural disasters. No other shelter combines the durability and customizable interiors like a NovaDome. You ready? Let’s do this!


The unique design of our NovaDomes allow for extremely quick construction and deployment times. Like, really quick. We like to think of ourselves as The Flash or Quicksilver of the shelter industry (depending on if you’re a DC or Marvel fan). But enough of the Superhero references. Let’s talk more about the one-of-a-kind fiberglass composite panels that can be easily lifted and secured into place by a crew of two. Yes, only two. A NovaDome can be constructed in a matter of just hours which means you can get them assembled and usable extremely quickly saving you both time and money. In summary, we feel the need – the need for speed! Okay, we’re done with the movie quotes now.

Keep it in one place, or move it around.

Here at NovaDome, we take portability seriously. Providing a shelter that has the ability to perform at 100% in both permanent or temporary environments is crucial when it comes to disaster relief. Lasting 50+ years, our NovaDomes come prepared to play the long game. If you’re looking for a long-term disaster relief shelter solution that’s supported by a more permanent foundation, our NovaDomes are always up to the task. On the other side of that coin, when you need a quick and durable shelter solution that you may need to move or repurpose in the future, a NovaDome can be dismantled or moved as a whole with ease. Load it on a truck, pick it up with a helicopter, or put it on a boat, our domes are an eco-friendly shelter solution that can be used again, and again, and again.