Standing Up To Mother Nature One NovaDome At A Time

Natural disasters NovaDome stands up to Mother Nature

Few things on this planet can withstand the fury of Mother Nature. After all, twisters can form seemingly out of thin air and earthquakes seldom give so much as a slight tremble in warning. Allow us to introduce you to NovaDome, a high-tech fiberglass composite tough guy that falls into the limited category of truly resilient structures. Not convinced? Read on. DEFINing “TOUGH”. Natural disasters are defined as: “large-scale geological or meteorological events that have the potential to cause loss of life or property.” Some of these may even be preceded by an “emergency” announcement from authorities to mobilize the necessary resources to prevent the worst of it. Even with Mother Nature displaying this overwhelming show of force, you’ll be happy to know that our NovaDome shelters can safeguard you from sandstorms, hurricanes, snowstorms, and so much more. The high-tech fiberglass composite technology makes each NovaDome extremely durable and watertight. And we should also mention that they last up to 50 years WHO BENEFITS? The World Health Organization (WHO) has a vested interest in reducing the damage caused by natural disasters, as it increases the spread of communicable diseases in their aftermath. By WHO standards, massive damage wrought by the destructive forces of Mother Nature can be caused by “catastrophic events with atmospheric, geologic and hydrologic origins. They include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, floods and drought. Natural disasters can have rapid or slow onset, and serious health, social and economic consequences.” NovaDome is here to help in these situations.The compact and portable design of our NovaDome structures makes it ideal in response to disaster relief efforts, with one of these little guys ready to go in a matter of hours. What if the natural disaster is still active in a zone where the wounded need treatment? Not to worry, a NovaDome can act as a makeshift portable care clinic where healthcare personnel can focus on treating patients instead of worrying about when the next wave of tremors are going to bring the roof down over their heads. Still, where could one safely store sensitive equipment integral to the relief effort? A NovaDome converted into a storage shelter can address this issue, freeing up disaster relief teams to focus on the more critical issues at hand. Even in less critical situations, NovaDomes can also act as temporary homes or evacuation centers. Granting that layer of security that fosters peace of mind is an important psychological consideration, especially when someone is forced to leave their home. The NovaDome instills this level of security, as having a safe place to sleep tonight is sometimes one of the most crucial factors for any family to consider. It may even provide a much-needed solution for the homeless crisis currently plaguing our society. THE NOVADOME DIFFERENCE. Now that we’ve established just how tough NovaDome shelters are and the various uses they serve, we only regret their inability to prevent the onset of natural disasters. Still, considering the immense might Mother Nature wields, it’s almost a small miracle to be able to seek shelter in a structure that can help you weather her fury. NovaDome’s value proposition therefore stems from its very ability to provide that level of peace of mind. Think of our NovaDome shelters as your shield from the hostile forces of the outside world. In a scenario where the unthinkable happens and disaster relief doctors are required to perform complex procedures in the midst of a natural disaster, a reliable shield from the elements is just the thing. There is no time to wonder whether the structure will collapse around you when human lives are at stake. This is the kind of assurance NovaDome provides.It is also helpful to note that NovaDomes can be reused for up to 50 years (maybe even more) which lessens their ecological footprint. So not only do you get a compact, durable structure  that can protect you from the ravages of natural disasters, but a piece of building material that is also friendly to the environment. A stark reminder that Mother Nature doesn’t mess around, but then again, neither do we.