Are There More Natural Disasters Now Than Ever Before?

Natural disasters have been happening alongside humans since the beginning of time. We’ve had to survive floods, earthquakes, droughts, wildfires, and a whole host of other disasters over the hundreds of thousands of years. But while natural disasters are not new, their frequency and magnitude seem to be changing for the worse. NATURAL DISASTER FREQUENCY. Are there more natural disasters now than ever before? In short, yes. But while initially this may seem alarming to most people, a closer look at the statistics about these disasters tells quite a different story than what you might expect. According to studies done by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the number of disasters over the last 50 years has increased fivefold. But while the number of disasters has risen dramatically in the previous 50 years, the number of deaths resulting from each disaster has decreased by two-thirds. This paradox of increased natural disasters with decreases in the total number of fatalities is both cause for triumph and concern. WHAT EXACTLY IS HAPPENING? According to data measured from 1910 until 2010, the world has seen an impressively sharp decline in deaths caused by natural disasters. To put things into perspective, in the 1920s, the world saw an average number of deaths caused by natural disasters reach over 500,000. Comparatively, today, the world averages around only 100,000 deaths per year due to natural disasters. This is incredible news for the global population, specifically when it comes to underdeveloped and lower-income countries since these countries and communities tend to get hit the hardest during and after natural disasters due to poor infrastructure and less manpower when it comes to natural disaster responses. This incredible reduction in death numbers is not thanks to one single innovation or solution but rather the culmination of many different innovations, prevention and forecasting measures, architecture improvements and infrastructure improvements, all working together to improve the living conditions and disaster survival chances of people living in areas that tend to be more affected by these disasters. This low number of global deaths related to natural disasters is even more impressive when you compare it with the growing population numbers over the last ten decades! However, decreased deaths are only one side of the natural disaster coin. While the toll may have dwindled, we’re seeing tremendous increases in the number of natural disasters over the years. According to data captured between 1900 and 2019, the Institute for Economics and Peace revealed a shocking increase from 39 global natural disaster incidents in 1960 to 396 in 2019. This is a ten-fold increase in the number of global natural disasters that happen each year. Although global death rates have been decreasing every decade for the last 90 years, the incredible rise in the total number of natural disasters demands that we look into deeper causes of these disasters. More recent studies have linked modern natural disasters to three causes: human-induced greenhouse gasses, inadequate disaster risk management, and undervaluing environmental costs and benefits. Human-induced greenhouse gasses have been identified as one of the reasons contributing to the freezing temperatures experienced in Texas. The alarming consequence of these gasses is their contribution to cyclone formations, such as Cyclone Amphan. Climate change has also increased extreme sea level events with tropical cyclones and storms, and we’re seeing continual increases in the intensities of other extreme weather events like flooding. The increases in the intensity of sea level events will directly affect modern, low-lying megacities in the future, which may lead to catastrophic death tolls if these events continue at their current trajectory. While the number of deaths related to natural disasters has decreased over the years, past figures should be no means for predicting future events. We need to do our best to reduce our impact on the environment in order to decrease the frequency and intensity of natural disasters so that future generations won’t be under constant threats from these events. This is where NovaDome can make a difference. Despite the ravages of natural disasters, NovaDome’s shelter solutions ensure that people living in affected communities can receive comfortable, safe shelters while ensuring a minimal environmental impact. MAKING A DIFFERENCE WITH NovaDome. NovaDome shelters are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for use as disaster relief shelters in disaster-prone areas. The durability and weatherproofing of the domes provide a safe and secure environment for those seeking refuge from natural disasters. Each NovaDome is capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds, heavy snow loads, and even earthquakes. They are constructed using high-tech fiberglass composite and are engineered to meet and exceed building codes and standards. In addition to their durability, NovaDomes are also eco-friendly since sustainable materials are used throughout the construction process. The domes are also designed to be energy-efficient, reducing their environmental impact. This means that NovaDomes not only provide a safe haven for those affected by natural disasters but also help preserve the environment. NovaDome is fighting the fight on two fronts; with a commitment to creating environmentally-friendly housing options, and providing shelter for communities that have been affected by natural disaters. With the global increase in natural disaster numbers, it’s extremely important that we start taking action to properly prepare for these global disasters and have effective relief solutions for when they occur. Global disaster events can show us the worst of what nature can do to cities, towns and communities. But even though these disasters can cause incredible damage to property and livelihoods, we should still be committed to doing our part to reduce our impact on the environment. At NovaDome, we are committed to making a difference in disaster relief efforts. NovaDome shelters are quick to set up, making them an ideal emergency solution. They are also customizable, allowing us to tailor each dome to the community’s specific needs. This means that we can provide shelter for families, individuals, and even entire communities.

NovaDome: The Ultimate Disaster Relief Shelter

It’s true that Mother Nature occasionally sends some terrible weather our way. This weather sometimes has disastrous impacts, damaging important assets like homes, businesses, and valuables. Not only have we designed a shelter that can provide rapid disaster relief, but it can also help protect what matters most if disaster decides to strike again. Say hello to the NovaDome. Eco-Friendly Design. Our eco-friendly design, which boasts a nearly net-zero carbon footprint, is something we are proud of, in addition to having some of the most resilient shelters on the market. We have always kept the environment in mind throughout the entire process, from manufacturing to installation. We have gone above and beyond to ensure that you can feel good about the environmental impact of your shelter because we believe that protecting the environment is more crucial than ever. Virtually Maintenance-Free. You don’t want to have to worry about maintaining your relief shelters when a crisis strikes. That should be one of the last things on your mind. Our NovaDome shelters require little to no maintenance after they are built since they are made of extremely durable high-tech fiberglass panels that are simple to clean. The exterior has been created to withstand highly harsh situations without breaking down and can last up to 50 years. You can rely on our NovaDome to protect nearby residents and any priceless storage goods from the elements in the case of a disaster. A NovaDome will provide you with decades of dependable service with very little need for maintenance. Mother Nature is serious business, and so is the NovaDome. Customizable Interior. NovaDome shelters can provide space for the things you need to preserve because their interiors are entirely customizable. For temporary housing or safe storage shelters, our interiors are ideal for all disaster relief situations. Even better, you may connect two or more NovaDome pods to create multi-room facilities. Your NovaDome setup can incorporate everything you require for temporary or long-term living. It is simple to install heating and cooling systems to keep the inside at the ideal temperature. Inside, the dome has enough space for restrooms, sinks, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and pipes for fresh, gray, and black water. You can even increase the number of windows and doors in your shelter. NovaDome is the only shelter that combines strength and interior customization like this. Portable & Easy to Install. Our NovaDomes’ distinctive design makes construction and deployment incredibly quick. A NovaDome can be built in a matter of hours, making it possible to quickly install and use them, saving you both time and money. When it comes to disaster relief, having a shelter that can operate at peak efficiency in both permanent and temporary settings is essential. Our NovaDome shelters are always up to the challenge if you seek a long-term disaster relief shelter solution supported by a more durable base. On the other hand, a NovaDome may be easily disassembled and moved as a whole if you require a rapid and reliable shelter solution that you might need to move or repurpose in the future. Our domes are a reusable eco-friendly shelter option that can be loaded onto a truck, picked up by a helicopter, or transported on a boat.

Near Net-Zero Carbon Footprint: Why It Matters

The term “carbon footprint” has been around for some time. It refers to how much carbon is produced in the event, activity, or process from start to completion. We should all be quite familiar with its meaning and usage by now. Like footprints on a beach, carbon footprints are a measure of the impact you have on the planet, and like footprints, it can be big or small. But the more information we get on the environment and climate, the more complex the issues become. So what is a “near net-zero carbon footprint”? Let’s break it down. WHAT IS NET-ZERO? This term is used to refer to the amount of carbon added to the atmosphere during a process. Many businesses have been making it a priority over the last decade to reduce their overall carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly. With nearly 8 billion people on earth using valuable resources every day, protecting the planet has become more important than ever. Net-Zero outlines the output of carbon has been neutralized by some process which will mitigate the release of carbon. Either the business has used carbon trading (donations to projects aimed at offsetting the effects of carbon pollution) or a direct, mechanical means such as scrubbers, to remove the carbon as it is produced. NovaDome shelters are made of specialized fiberglass panels which makes them one of the longest-lasting and durable shelters on the market and net-positive for the environment. A NovaDome can last up to 50 years! The main ingredient in fiberglass is silica which is a non-depleting material, highly sustainable and can be mined in areas that are low on biodiversity such as many deserts and badlands. Compared to other construction materials such as metals and concrete, the mining and processing of sand into fiberglass is far less energy-intensive, helping reduce greenhouse emissions and fossil fuel consumption “NEAR”. For those who are willing to acknowledge the reality of living, producing, doing business, traveling, and all of the other activities in the sphere of daily human activities, the term “near” is added to recognize it is virtually impossible to plant enough trees to offset all of the carbon produced in the daily course of life. But just because we can’t eliminate carbon emissions fully (yet), doesn’t mean we can’t still use eco-friendly shelters (like a NovaDome). A near net-zero carbon footprint is a more realistic aim for businesses and individuals who wish to live consciously and authentically. It is an expression of accountability for those who are striving toward a more carbon-reduced future. Here at NovaDome, we get that. We are constantly innovating and evaluating our products to reduce our carbon footprint even further. And we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. WHY DOES IT MATTER? For the environmentally conscious individual (or company), a near net-zero carbon footprint is an aspiration and a continuous challenge by which to monitor the impact of activities on the environment. For example, you could claim to leave a net-zero carbon footprint by planting trees, living a modest lifestyle, and relying on alternative energy sources, but one or two international flights could invalidate that claim. Now you have a choice: will you ignore that factor and treat it as a statistical anomaly, or will you hold yourself accountable and work to offset the increase in footprint? By using the term near net-zero carbon footprint, we can recognize and thus factor in all of the anomalous events which push our carbon footprints out further than we can manage. This is not to say we can always mitigate the increase, but it is a way to take responsibility and to aim to do better by constantly re-evaluating and refining processes. After all, we only have one Earth. Let’s take care of it! NovaDomes are considered to be near net-zero products. Although there is an acknowledged carbon cost in manufacturing energy and transporting materials and the finished product, the NovaDome is light, requiring less fuel for transport. Fiberglass, as a material, is environmentally sustainable, as it is essentially made from sand, which is abundant. It requires very little energy to produce and cure. It is also excellent insulation as fiberglass does not conduct heat or electricity, and so, the shelter has less heating and cooling requirements. NovaDome shelters also need no foundation, thus eliminating the need for excessive energy and water usage in the pouring of mixed concrete. They can be placed on any terrain, with minimal impact on the surrounding ecology, where more traditional dwellings require substantially more preparation and, as a result, do more permanent damage to the land. Overall, there is still a net carbon cost, but this is why they are referred to as near net-zero shelters. Comparatively-speaking, they are a more sustainable solution with a better longevity and biodegradability, which offsets the carbon footprint and brings it as close as humanly possible to zero.

Standing Up To Mother Nature One NovaDome At A Time

Natural disasters NovaDome stands up to Mother Nature

Few things on this planet can withstand the fury of Mother Nature. After all, twisters can form seemingly out of thin air and earthquakes seldom give so much as a slight tremble in warning. Allow us to introduce you to NovaDome, a high-tech fiberglass composite tough guy that falls into the limited category of truly resilient structures. Not convinced? Read on. DEFINing “TOUGH”. Natural disasters are defined as: “large-scale geological or meteorological events that have the potential to cause loss of life or property.” Some of these may even be preceded by an “emergency” announcement from authorities to mobilize the necessary resources to prevent the worst of it. Even with Mother Nature displaying this overwhelming show of force, you’ll be happy to know that our NovaDome shelters can safeguard you from sandstorms, hurricanes, snowstorms, and so much more. The high-tech fiberglass composite technology makes each NovaDome extremely durable and watertight. And we should also mention that they last up to 50 years WHO BENEFITS? The World Health Organization (WHO) has a vested interest in reducing the damage caused by natural disasters, as it increases the spread of communicable diseases in their aftermath. By WHO standards, massive damage wrought by the destructive forces of Mother Nature can be caused by “catastrophic events with atmospheric, geologic and hydrologic origins. They include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, floods and drought. Natural disasters can have rapid or slow onset, and serious health, social and economic consequences.” NovaDome is here to help in these situations.The compact and portable design of our NovaDome structures makes it ideal in response to disaster relief efforts, with one of these little guys ready to go in a matter of hours. What if the natural disaster is still active in a zone where the wounded need treatment? Not to worry, a NovaDome can act as a makeshift portable care clinic where healthcare personnel can focus on treating patients instead of worrying about when the next wave of tremors are going to bring the roof down over their heads. Still, where could one safely store sensitive equipment integral to the relief effort? A NovaDome converted into a storage shelter can address this issue, freeing up disaster relief teams to focus on the more critical issues at hand. Even in less critical situations, NovaDomes can also act as temporary homes or evacuation centers. Granting that layer of security that fosters peace of mind is an important psychological consideration, especially when someone is forced to leave their home. The NovaDome instills this level of security, as having a safe place to sleep tonight is sometimes one of the most crucial factors for any family to consider. It may even provide a much-needed solution for the homeless crisis currently plaguing our society. THE NOVADOME DIFFERENCE. Now that we’ve established just how tough NovaDome shelters are and the various uses they serve, we only regret their inability to prevent the onset of natural disasters. Still, considering the immense might Mother Nature wields, it’s almost a small miracle to be able to seek shelter in a structure that can help you weather her fury. NovaDome’s value proposition therefore stems from its very ability to provide that level of peace of mind. Think of our NovaDome shelters as your shield from the hostile forces of the outside world. In a scenario where the unthinkable happens and disaster relief doctors are required to perform complex procedures in the midst of a natural disaster, a reliable shield from the elements is just the thing. There is no time to wonder whether the structure will collapse around you when human lives are at stake. This is the kind of assurance NovaDome provides.It is also helpful to note that NovaDomes can be reused for up to 50 years (maybe even more) which lessens their ecological footprint. So not only do you get a compact, durable structure  that can protect you from the ravages of natural disasters, but a piece of building material that is also friendly to the environment. A stark reminder that Mother Nature doesn’t mess around, but then again, neither do we.

What’s It Like Living in a Tiny Home?

Living in a tiny house has been a growing trend in recent years. It’s easy to see why, with the affordability, efficiency, eco-friendliness, and minimalism. Some choose tiny home living because it allows them to live debt-free in a home that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable, which is in line with our focus on the environment. Others choose it because they’re able to travel more frequently as well as save money by not having to pay rent or a mortgage. Regardless of why someone chooses to live in a tiny home, we’d like to explore the reality of what it’s really like to live in one. GETTING CLOSER TO NATURE. In most cases, nature and the outdoors becomes an extension of your home when you choose the tiny home life. NovaDome allows you to unlock the true freedom and space of the outdoors while improving both your mental and physical wellbeing. Discover new outdoor hobbies, breath fresh air, and soak in all that our beautiful planet has to offer. You’ll not only have more time on your hands (due to lower home maintenance), you’ll also have a little extra cash to get out and do the things you’ve always wanted to do. On days with bad weather, a NovaDome tiny home will keep you comfortable, stress-free and safe. We have designed our tiny homes with a near net-zero carbon footprint and the ability to perfectly blend with nature. And you can be rest assured that no matter what crazy weather mother nature decides to throw at you, you’ll be secure and cozy inside. THE MINIMAL LIFE. Minimalism at its core means living with less and the first step in adopting this lifestyle is getting rid of the items you don’t need. In fact, one in four Americans suffer from a clutter issue! That’s a lot of clutter. A tiny home forces you to live with less “stuff”. And we think that’s a good thing. Not only will a tiny home be more affordable than a regular house, you can learn to live minimally to save even MORE money. It’s a win-win. Minimalism is an absolute necessity of living in a tiny home. Before you decide to make the move, you’ll want to take an inventory of all your general belongings and decide what you truly need. This will not only help you de-clutter, but also save your hard earned money! LESS MAINTENANCE & CLEANING. Because of its small size, a tiny house is typically not much to maintain. Dusting, vacuuming, and a regular interior cleaning routine will still be needed but will take a fraction of the time to complete compared to a regular sized home. Not only will this save you time, but you’ll also spend less money on cleaning products and your power bill. When it comes to the exterior, we’ve designed the NovaDome to be a very low maintenance tiny home solution. All you need is a hose or pressure washer to keep the outside looking like new. With these basic items, you’ll be good to go. The maximum time needed to clean everything will likely be under an hour. It’s really easy! GET READY TO $AVE. Being mortgage-free is a massive relief for anyone. Downsizing to a tiny home is a great way to eliminate debt and start putting money in your savings account. Here at NovaDome, we help you get the maximum ROI on your tiny home. Our low maintenance and extremely durable dome design makes it easy to start putting away some extra cash. And since our domes are easy to heat and cool, the cost of electricity is greatly reduced. With a smaller space and limited room, you’ll probably start being more frugal naturally, which ultimately increases your financial awareness. Whereas before you may have mindlessly bought something because it was “cute”, you’ll now be forced to consider items before you buy them. Owning a tiny home allows you to cut down on unnecessary spending and live a more minimalistic lifestyle. A Traveler’S DREAM. We get it. Travelling is expensive nowadays. But you can make it affordable with a NovaDome tiny home. Not only will you have more money to work with from your reduced living costs, but you’ll also be able to move your NovaDome around without much effort. We’ve designed our NovaDome tiny homes to be packed up and relocated with minimal effort or move as a whole when its fully constructed. So whether you wanted to leave it in place for when you return from travelling, or bring it with you and set up shop somewhere new for a few months, the choice is yours! Travelling just got easier. Living in a tiny house is not for everyone, of course, but it does seem like it could be a pretty attractive option for a lot of people. There’s no denying that it can help you be more frugal and resourceful with your spending, which can free up your time and energy for other things. And if being closer to nature is part of your ideal lifestyle, tiny home living seems like an easy way to make that happen. Due to their almost net-zero carbon footprint, NovaDomes are more environmentally beneficial. You can pack and pick up your NovaDome and move somewhere new with ease, or it can be your permanent and primary home. They can even be joined together to create sealed, multi-room homes! A NovaDome tiny home is the perfect solution for you if you want to downsize, save money, and protect the environment.

Changing the Future of the Homeless Crisis

Homelessness is a global problem that has yet to be resolved. As the number of homeless people grows year after year, it is clear that this widespread problem requires significant reevaluation. The message is clear: practical answers are desperately required. And they’re required fast. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE CAUSES OF HOMELESSNESS? Homelessness can occur for a variety of reasons, and more often than not, multiple factors are co-occurring, thus contributing to a person’s homelessness. People can become homeless when there is a lack of affordable housing, poverty, unemployment, abuse, or illness. When people are released from prison, foster care, or the army and have nowhere to go, they may become homeless. Many homeless women have exited an abusive or violent relationship, indicating that numerous factors can contribute to an individual becoming homeless. THE STRUCTURAL FACTORS THAT LEAD TO HOMELESSNESS. Stable shelter is, psychologically and evolutionarily, primordial for humans to achieve success, happiness, and self-actualization. Homeless people live every day of their lives without their most basic needs met. When housing becomes too expensive, people are laid off or fired, or they otherwise lose access to shelter, they have even more difficulty re-entering society. To get a job and get off the streets, for example, many workplaces require online applications. For the homeless, with no access to technology, this becomes impossible. Interviews are also primarily conducted online, thanks to COVID. If an unhoused person cannot access a computer for the amount of time necessary to go through with the interview, they lose out on a job opportunity. Even something as simple as not having access to grooming supplies can cost someone a job opportunity, and this keeps the homeless in a cycle of poverty. Access to housing is often conditional on employment, and if the homeless don’t have access to jobs, they lose the chance to have safe and stable shelter. HOW NOVADOME CAN HELP. Although we recognize that our NovaDome shelters will not be able to solve the homelessness epidemic on their own, we believe they can provide a jumpstart in the right direction and pave the road to a brighter future. We’ve looked at what a shelter needs to be effective in providing safe havens for the homeless and we’ve made sure that each NovaDome pod ticks all the necessary boxes. It’s simple to put together, portable, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and safe. Our domes will allow homeless individuals to sleep peacefully, stay clean, and focus on pursuing their aspirations. With your help, we can deliver safe, secure, and affordable homes to communities in need all over the world. Homelessness is a problem that affects everyone. Material instability is, unfortunately, a reality we are facing globally. With the rise of political and environmental instability worldwide, more people than ever are at risk of being unhoused. That’s why it’s vital to take positive action now and help those already in a precarious situation get back on their feet. NovaDome can help homeless people sleep soundly, keep their belongings tidy, and focus on their goals. Our easily deployable shelters are sound and sturdy, giving everyone access to safety. Shelter is something everyone needs, and without it, there is no hope for movement or growth. NovaDome is here to provide that hope. Together we can provide safe, secure, and affordable housing to communities all over the world. To learn more, visit our website and see how you can help eradicate homelessness with NovaDome.