This community of experimental fiberglass domes offers transitional housing for as many as thirty-four homeless people. Eight of the domes contain common facilities, including kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and computer rooms. The other twelve provide shelter for single individuals or families. Activist Ted Hayes founded the village in 1993 as alternative for the many homeless people who are afraid of shelters. The domes allow greater privacy for the people who stay in them, and the village itself acts as a microcosm of society, providing residents with a setting in which they may stabilize their lives and garner the skills necessary to reenter the “real world.”

With their distinctive design, the domes are meant to call the attention of passing motorists on the nearby Harbor Freeway to the problem of homelessness. Initial funding for Dome Village was provided by the Atlantic Richfield Oil Company.

Ted Hayes has a long history of promoting innovative ways to help the homeless that incorporate problem-solving and individual responsibility. He is sometimes referred to as the “Rasta Republican.” In the 1980s he started a cricket team made up of Latino teenagers and homeless men, “Homies and Popz.” The team has played at Windsor Castle and is the subject of a forty-minute operetta commissioned by the Los Angeles Opera.

Changing the Future of the Homeless Crisis

Homelessness is a global problem that has yet to be resolved. As the number of homeless people grows year after year, it is clear that this widespread problem requires significant reevaluation. The message is clear: practical answers are desperately required. And they’re required fast.


Homelessness can occur for a variety of reasons, and more often than not, multiple factors are co-occurring, thus contributing to a person’s homelessness. People can become homeless when there is a lack of affordable housing, poverty, unemployment, abuse, or illness. When people are released from prison, foster care, or the army and have nowhere to go, they may become homeless. Many homeless women have exited an abusive or violent relationship, indicating that numerous factors can contribute to an individual becoming homeless.


Stable shelter is, psychologically and evolutionarily, primordial for humans to achieve success, happiness, and self-actualization. Homeless people live every day of their lives without their most basic needs met. When housing becomes too expensive, people are laid off or fired, or they otherwise lose access to shelter, they have even more difficulty re-entering society.
To get a job and get off the streets, for example, many workplaces require online applications. For the homeless, with no access to technology, this becomes impossible. Interviews are also primarily conducted online, thanks to COVID. If an unhoused person cannot access a computer for the amount of time necessary to go through with the interview, they lose out on a job opportunity. Even something as simple as not having access to grooming supplies can cost someone a job opportunity, and this keeps the homeless in a cycle of poverty. Access to housing is often conditional on employment, and if the homeless don’t have access to jobs, they lose the chance to have safe and stable shelter.


Although we recognize that our NovaDome shelters will not be able to solve the homelessness epidemic on their own, we believe they can provide a jumpstart in the right direction and pave the road to a brighter future. We’ve looked at what a shelter needs to be effective in providing safe havens for the homeless and we’ve made sure that each NovaDome pod ticks all the necessary boxes. It’s simple to put together, portable, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and safe. Our domes will allow homeless individuals to sleep peacefully, stay clean, and focus on pursuing their aspirations. With your help, we can deliver safe, secure, and affordable homes to communities in need all over the world.
Homelessness is a problem that affects everyone. Material instability is, unfortunately, a reality we are facing globally. With the rise of political and environmental instability worldwide, more people than ever are at risk of being unhoused. That’s why it’s vital to take positive action now and help those already in a precarious situation get back on their feet. NovaDome can help homeless people sleep soundly, keep their belongings tidy, and focus on their goals. Our easily deployable shelters are sound and sturdy, giving everyone access to safety. Shelter is something everyone needs, and without it, there is no hope for movement or growth. NovaDome is here to provide that hope. Together we can provide safe, secure, and affordable housing to communities all over the world. To learn more, visit our website and see how you can help eradicate homelessness with NovaDome.